Men in Japan are not taking paternity leave – why?

SoraNews24’s very own P.K Sanjun gives us the low-down.

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Japanese advice columnist shuts down mother who doesn’t want to give son permission to marry

The ultimate mic drop: comparing someone to WWII Imperial Japan.

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Men Who Use Trains on Dates: Please Just Abandon the Idea of Marriage and Stay Single Forever

A little while ago, we posted a column on our Japanese site by a writer claiming to be a total “it girl“, the epitome of female sex appeal. The article received quite a bit of attention, prompting some internet viewers to respond with indignation, both feigned and genuine. Yes, it’s a bit naughty, and taken at face value, I guess the article could upset some readers, since it reads like … well, a column written by Carrie Bradshaw‘s evil Japanese twin.

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“You’re Very Good at Using Chopsticks” and Other Obscenities

Earlier this week, website Netallica posted an interesting little article entitled “The Things That Foreigners in Japan Hate to Hear” for its predominantly Japanese readership. Naturally, classics like “wow, you’re so good at Japanese”, and “you’re very good with chopsticks” were flagged as the main offenders, which I’m sure many gaijin (a term I use intentionally and will come back to later) will no doubt empathise with and would be happy to hear a little less frequently, but overall there were few phrases that could not be reasonably perceived as stemming from either the speaker’s genuine desire to compliment the listener or simple naivety.

It’s difficult to broach this topic- especially as a cynical Brit who loves a good grumble- without it quickly turning into a cliché-ridden compendium of gripes about life in Japan as a foreigner or an ill-advised rant about how comments of this nature are, in fact, some kind of backhanded attempt to draw a line between foreigners and Japanese; and goodness knows there are plenty of those out there.

There are, nevertheless, a number of phrases that foreigners living in Japan have heard a thousand times and would definitely prefer Japanese people knew aren’t always received in the way that they are probably intended…

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