Comiket 88

Comiket queues aren’t getting any shorter and otaku aren’t getting any more patient【Video】

NatsuComi, or Summer Comiket, is now over and done with for another half a year after bringing together anime fans from all over the Japan, and indeed the world, in the sweltering summer heat. Ridiculous amounts of money were spent, litres of sweat were released into the atmosphere, and bizarre and beautiful cosplays went viral.

For three days each Summer and Winter, the convention center Tokyo Big Sight is turned into an otaku paradise, but for people working in the area it can be a nightmare. Legions of volunteers make sure the con runs smoothly, but there’s also the regular employees working at the nearby restaurants, cafes, and train station who have to prepare for the huge influx of people.

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Did a special guest from the Middle East make an appearance at Comiket?【Photos】

Those of you braveand crazy) enough to attend Comiket this year obviously read our tips to surviving Comiket, but it turns out we forgot one little tip that would make things infinitely easier: bring your own bodyguards/servants. That’s exactly what this “oil tycoon” did as he was seen walking the Comiket floor flanked by his army of intimidating bodyguards. People parted ways and made room for the petrol baron as he flashed the wads of cash he had stored in his special briefcase. What sort of oil magnate buys dojinshi at Comiket? Find out after the jump.

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The cosplay of Comiket 88: Sailor Moon, Splatoon, Love Live! and more【Photos】

Comiket 88, the world’s largest dojinshi fair, is now underway at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition centre. And while thousands of people are already rushing to buy some of the best and rarest anime, manga and video game merch money can buy, others were there for one thing only: cosplay.

Despite the beating sun and intense humidity that comes as standard with Summer Comic Market (you did read our Comiket survival guide, right?), the almost complete lack of shade outdoors did not deter Tokyo’s cosplayers, who stood out for photo after photo, striking their best poses and wowing our reporters with their incredible outfits.

Join us after the jump for a look at some of our favourites!

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