Awesome cosplay tour offers photos shoots with explosions and blazing flames! 【Photos】

Don’t try this at home!

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When food attacks! Exploding meal causes panic on express train

Imagine you’re heading off on a long day-long trip by train – you’re on your way to visit an old friend or distant relative, or perhaps heading back to school after a visit home over the holidays. You get settled into your seat and enjoy the changing scenery as it passes by your window.

A couple of hours pass, and you decide it’s a good time to start on the lunch you brought with you. But just as you reach out to open it, your lunch box explodes in your face with a loud bang, covering you and your surroundings with its contents.

As random as it may seem, this unexpected turn of events actually happened to a young man in China as he was on the express train heading from Putian to Nanchang. But what would cause his meal to just explode like that?

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You may never look at Japanese fried chicken the same way again: What do you see?

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, sushi often gets most of the attention. However, within izakaya (dining bars), restaurants, even bento boxes around Japan, there is another menu item that everyone loves, kara-age, Japanese friend chicken.

The succulent, juicy, breaded chicken pieces are so irresistibly delicious that they don’t often last long enough to get their photo snapped and uploaded to social media (as is the trend). However, some Twitter users recently managed to take pictures of kara-age, played with the color a bit and discovered something remarkable… they don’t look like pictures of chicken, they look like pictures of explosions!

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Explosions in the kitchen: This is why you don’t heat canned coffee directly on the stove…

One of our favorite things about Japan is the convenience of just about everything, especially the vending machines. Wherever you are, there’s at least one machine just waiting to quench your thirst–and all of them have any tired writer’s favorite drink: Coffee!

Even more conveniently, though, most machines offer a choice of hot or cold cans–but, of course, the cans will cool down if you don’t drink them right away. In which case you might be tempted to try heating your can up on the stove, like this Japanese Twitter user. That would be a bad idea.

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Explosion-proof membranes won’t keep your phone from blowing, but it might save you from the shrapnel

It looks like the world is facing a new pandemic, but we’re not talking about any viruses or diseases here. No, we’re talking about exploding smartphones. From Europe to the United States to China, more and more cases of phone batteries blowing themselves apart are surfacing, stirring up concern for many. No longer can we fling perturbed birds at their giggling pork nemeses without worrying that our phones will blow our faces off. While the safest option would probably be to simply avoid having one, what would we do without our smartphones on the train, at work when our boss isn’t looking, or in bed at 3 am? This deep, possibly unhealthy attachment to the devices has led to an interesting new product in China: explosion-proof membranes.

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