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User’s custom iPhone case imbues it with Fallout-style gritty chic, Japanese industrial aesthetic

When choosing the perfect phone case, why not go for one that’s already survived the wear and tear of the industrial age?

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“Oops, I just ate my phone!”: A compilation of delectable iPhone cases from Japan

We’ve all the seen the amazing displays of plastic food outside restaurants in Japan. Sometimes they’re so detailed, it’s genuinely difficult to tell whether they’re real or not.

Well, if you’ve always secretly wanted to steal one of those food models to decorate your room, then you’re in luck, because someone had the great idea to turn plastic food into iPhone cases. We wanted to share this awesome compilation of fake food iPhone cases with you that look just good enough to eat.

Warning: no matter how hungry you are, do not attempt to consume these phones.

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Explosion-proof membranes won’t keep your phone from blowing, but it might save you from the shrapnel

It looks like the world is facing a new pandemic, but we’re not talking about any viruses or diseases here. No, we’re talking about exploding smartphones. From Europe to the United States to China, more and more cases of phone batteries blowing themselves apart are surfacing, stirring up concern for many. No longer can we fling perturbed birds at their giggling pork nemeses without worrying that our phones will blow our faces off. While the safest option would probably be to simply avoid having one, what would we do without our smartphones on the train, at work when our boss isn’t looking, or in bed at 3 am? This deep, possibly unhealthy attachment to the devices has led to an interesting new product in China: explosion-proof membranes.

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