Soup Stock Tokyo now offering free food for babies, sparks debate online

Giving parents in Tokyo peace of mind with their meals, but not everyone is impressed.

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Toddler loses beloved plushie in Tokyo, netizens launch frenzied search to reunite them again

If you happen to see a blue octopus by the name of Gar, please contact them immediately.

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10-year old Japanese YouTuber advocates children not going to school if they don’t want to

Says that parents have no right to force education upon children.

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Photo of Chinese boy turning up to class covered in ice and snow goes viral, breaks hearts

It’s a miracle how some children make it to school alive under such harsh conditions.

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Little Japanese girl learns the true value of saying “thank you” to a kind stranger

Some things you learn when you’re young never leave you, and this is probably one of them.

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Boy abandoned in mountains of Hokkaido is found alive and safe by Japan Self-Defense Forces

Actually, he sort of found them.

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Lack of response from police dogs latest troubling development in search for missing Japanese boy

With still no sign of the seven-year-old, some are doubting the accuracy of his parents’ account of where he was last seen.

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Japan Self-Defense Forces join search for boy abandoned by parents in Hokkaido

With no sign yet of the seven-year-old, new details have emerged about the chain of events that led to the ongoing crisis.

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Parents abandon seven-year-old son in mountains of Japan “because he wouldn’t listen”

Search for child lost in Hokkaido still ongoing.

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Looking for a home to call his own – creepy faceless child spotted in Tokyo

There’s something super-creepy about mannequins, isn’t there? From certain angles, they almost look human, even the ones that are missing limbs or heads. And don’t get us started on child mannequins! Those things give us the wibbles, especially when they pop up in random public places

See if you can make it through this post without wanting your mommy!

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Talented eight-year-old Thai musician brings a tear to our eye with her angelic singing voice

If your post-Valentine’s Day sugar crash has left you feeling bitter and despondent, then pint-sized Thai singing sensation Gail Sophicha could be just the thing you need to put some sweetness back into your life. This eight-year-old musician has the voice of an actual angel and some impressive guitar and ukelele-jamming skills to boot.

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U.K. man sentenced for prohibited images of ‘manga’ children

The Teesside Crown Court of Middlesbrough, England convicted 39-year-old Robul Hoque of 10 counts of possessing prohibited images of children. However, the children depicted in the images were all drawings. Hoque is believed to be the first man in the country brought to court solely over manga and anime images. The court sentenced him to nine months in prison, but the sentence will be suspended if Hoque maintains good behavior and follows the court’s requirements for two years.

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Should you put your kid on a leash? Japanese mothers weigh in

We’re not entirely sure who invented child leashes, but they have found their way to Japan and the controversy that surrounds them has been imported right alongside. Discussed widely on Japanese online parenting forums, the disputed child gear are dubbed maigo himo (literally, “lost child cord”) and have become increasingly available at online shopping sites such as Rakuten.

But no matter what you call it – be it lost child cord, leash, harness, tether, or reins – one thing’s for sure: No one can agree if they are an embarrassment or proper parenting tool.

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Amazing Japanese grade-schooler enters fast track to playing soccer for Real Madrid 【Videos】

These days, it’s not uncommon for Japanese soccer players to be placed on foreign teams. Shinji Kagawa with Manchester United and Yuto Nagatomo with Inter Milan are just two examples of Japanese athletes who play for teams abroad.

Now, the island country can lay claim to a new rising star, a nine-year-old soccer player who recently signed a contract with the world-famous Spanish soccer club, Real Madrid. Read on for a full introduction to this talented young player, as well as some videos of his amazing play style!

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【Sad News】 Hiroshima Elementary School Girl Killed by Own Abusive Mother

A 28-year-old single mother from the town of Fuchu, Hiroshima was arrested earlier this month after causing the death of her 10-year-old daughter, exposing a long history of abuse and neglect in the family.

Over at NicoNico News, a heart-rending story reveals the broken family’s background and details the sad details of the girl’s early years. Perhaps even more tragically, though, we learn that the girl– who spent much of her life in care– once sent her abusive mother a letter in which she states how much she loves her.

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