Kuroko no Basuke

Korean students live out their wildest manga fantasies with amateur “Trick Eye” illustrations

We often say “seeing is believing”, but ironically, our brain and eyes are rather susceptible to visual trickery. Optical illusion art galleries that feature cleverly distorted artworks that manipulate the eyes’ perception of distance and depth have been gaining massive popularity in various parts of Asia in recent months. The original art pieces exhibited at these galleries allow visitors to physically be part of the “3-D” illustration, creating a unique and interactive experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

But why pay to pose with paintings that might not tickle your fancy, when you can live out your fantasies with your favorite manga characters? A bunch of students from South Korea created their very own “interactive” art gallery in their classroom featuring characters from Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball). Check them out!

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Kuroko’s Basketball threat suspect admits to charges in court

Hirofumi Watanabe cites jealousy as motive & vows to kill himself when released

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXCoU_sbJ8U?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en-US&autohide=2&wmode=transparent&w=640&h=360%5D

Hirofumi Watanabe, the suspect in the Kuroko’s Basketball threat letter case, admitted to all the charges in his first day in court on Thursday. He added that he will accept the court’s judgment and any punishment without appeal.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested the 36-year-old Osaka temporary worker on December 15 and accused him of sending threatening letters to convenience store chains and other establishments linked to Tadatoshi Fujimaki‘s Kuroko’s Basketball manga.

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Man arrested for year-long terrorism campaign against manga “Kuroko’s Basketball”

On 12 October, 2012 a plastic container was left on the second floor in the gymnasium of Tokyo’s Jochi University (aka Sophia University), one of Japan’s most prestigious schools and alma mater of Tadatoshi Fujimaki the writer of the hit manga series Kuroko’s Basketball (aka The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays).

Inside the container was a liquid capable of releasing poisonous hydrogen sulphide. Attached was a note which read, “I hate Fujimaki.”

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Twitter user names Japan’s three worst fandoms

Whenever fans of a particular thing gather, there are bound to be some people who act out and reflect badly on the rest of the group. Usually, these people are the outliers, largely ignored by the majority of the fans. However, some select fandoms seem to attract a disproportionate number of bad-mannered crazies and develop a terrible reputation on the whole. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a comic, anime, movie, musician or a sports team at the source, I’m sure there’s at least one fandom for which you can relate.

Japan certainly has its fair share of obsessive fan bases. One Twitter user decided to put together a graphic for the country’s three worst offenders and their reasons why. Now, while we don’t want to over generalize and say that everyone in these fandoms is as rude as described, we can certainly see where they’re coming from…

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Newly released Kuroko no Basuke collaboration apparel sells out despite mediocre fan reactions

People from every corner of the globe are pumped for the new season of the anime Kuroko no Basuke (or the laughable English title, “The Basketball which Kuroko Plays”). In honor of the start of the fall anime season, Japanese clothing brand, earth music & ecology came out with a new line of clothes inspired by the characters in the show. Though the brand itself is quite trendy, comments on the basketball-inspired cardigans and dresses were lukewarm at best.

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