Stars align and magic happens in meteor shrine photos from Japan coast【Photos】

The real show at this Izu beach town was happening up above.

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Mysterious fireball flies across the sky over Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido【Video】

Sky and sea light up as phenomenon is seen at both ends of Japan’s largest prefecture.

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Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano anthropomorphizes katana made from a meteorite

Illustration and blade that inspired it to be shown together at Tokyo museum.

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People in Japan capture images of fireball plummeting towards earth in night sky【Video】

Recordings of multiple sightings of the bright light also show the visible plume it left as it streaked down from the sky.

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Fantastically bright, green meteor in Japan caught in amazing videos

The evening of Nov. 3 had a big surprise for people in Japan: A big, bright meteor streaked across the sky, giving locals an absolutely stunning light show.

You can see the green and orange light of the meteor as it falls toward Earth. These colors are likely due to the presence of magnesium and sodium in the meteor itself that produce green and orange light, respectively, when subjected to extreme heat.

The celestial event took place over western Japan and was reported within a couple of hours of a series of US meteor sightings across the East coast.

In Japan, cameras at the Fukuoka airport caught this amazing footage:

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Giant Hadouken Fired Over Kanto Region, Internet Sky Gazers Track It

Beginning at around 2:45am on 20 January, Tweets were appearing with reports of an “explosion” and a glowing object falling from the sky.  On the same day a video showing the meteor in high detail began to spread across the Japanese internet.

From the video we can easily see that this was no average meteor – this was a fireball.

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Breathtaking Meteor Shower Video Taken against Starry Winter’s Night in Nagano


If you were to ask me to go out at midnight in the middle of December and look for meteors, I would say “No way, I’m watching a Very Brady Christmas. Get out of here.”

However, in the evening around December 14, while many of us were warmly tucked away in our cat capes, an annual celestial event took place above.

One brave photographer spent a chilly night in a Nagano park to capture these meteors for us all to see.

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