Is Sony using Microsoft as its negative publicity guinea pig?

While Microsoft’s forthcoming Xbox One console is being received positively by general tech sites for its kitchen sink philosophy to TV-based entertainment, the gaming public seems less than enthused, fearing the emphasis on TV programming and other bells and whistles means gaming will take a backseat and wary of always-on DRM rumors and the like. But is this all working out nicely for competitor Sony, who may be actively learning from Microsoft’s mistakes while planning its next move?

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Beautiful works of art made with Microsoft Excel

A few weeks ago, we featured a video that showed each step to drawing Gundam using Microsoft Excel. The whole RocketNews24 office couldn’t believe that something as cool as a giant robot can be made using the most boring Office program available.

Another Excel artist, 73-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi of Japan, has been getting attention online recently for his beautiful scenery pictures created by only using shapes in Microsoft Excel.

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Custom-Made Transparent “Pain PC” Featuring Window8 Moe Mascots, Yuu & Ai Madobe

First, there was “itasha,” or “pain mobile,” a car so nerdy it hurt.  Then there was a “painful” helicopter created by the Japan Self Defense Forces that featured manga-influenced designs.

Now, there’s a transparent “itaPC,” or “pain PC,” featuring the official, Japan-exclusive Windows 8-themed “moe” mascots, Yuu and Ai Madobe.

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Tokyo University Adapting Videogame Technology to Help Physically Disabled Computer Users

The University of Tokyo Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (known as “RCAST” for short、thankfully!), in conjunction with Microsoft Japan, has launched trials of new a computer program that utilise Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows technology as a way for physically disabled people to communicate and interact with computers.

For the uninitiated, Kinect is a motion-sensing camera designed for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console and Windows PCs that tracks users’ body movements and is capable of recognising voice commands. The technology first became available for Xbox users just under two years ago, with Microsoft heralding a new age of gameplay where “you are the controller”, seeing users flapping around their living-rooms like maniacs to control their video games.

While games that utilise Kinect well have been few and far between, it would seem that the technology, once intended as a competitor to Nintendo’s popular Wii console, could soon be changing disabled people’s lives for the better.

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Malware Found Installed in Chinese-Made Microsoft PCs

It was discovered that a Microsoft factory in China was pre-installing viruses through malware, or malicious software, during the manufacture process. Among this malware was a variety that extracted bank account information from network banks. Read More

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