Japan travel: Best places to see, eat and stay at Nagato and Mine in Yamaguchi Prefecture

This is where you’ll find Japan’s largest cave, a BBQ by the sea, and a rural hotel where Russian President Putin slept in a room behind bulletproof glass.

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Japanese department store invites couples to mine a solid chocolate mountain this Valentine’s Day

What better way to tell them to “be mine” than by taking them to a “chocolate mine?”

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We check out an enchanting gold mining town in the mountains of Taiwan, and hope you do too

Jiufen is a well-known tourist attraction in Taiwan. Many Japanese tourists especially have flocked to this location after rumors circulated that it was the inspiration behind the hit animated film Spirited Away. Even though those rumors now appear to have been mistaken the place still draws visitors with its colorful lights and rolling hills.

While it’s largely agreed that Jiufen is beautiful, our reporter Kuzo had his sights on another destination. A place largely obscured by the bright lights of Jiufen but equally beautiful. He was on his way to the old gold mining town of Jinguashi.

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