Mountain Day

Mountain Dew opening the Mountain De Yu public bath house in Tokyo for Mountain Day

Do the De Yu!

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Celebrate Japan’s newest national holiday with a limited-edition Cup Noodle cooker

Because nothing says Mountain Day more than being able to cook instant noodles in nature.

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Japan’s newest holiday “Mountain Day” gets approval from Lower House

On the afternoon of 25 April, the Lower House of Parliament passed an amendment to the nation’s Holiday Act which includes a new public holiday Mountain Day (Yama no Hi). The next step involves the amendment to go into deliberation in the Upper House where it is expected to be approved again.

Although this comes as welcome news to the nation’s tired workers, Japanese holidays tend to be arbitrary affairs named after random things like the ocean. This time, though, Japan’s newest holiday is name after something truly special. Still, I can’t help but be surprised how many fans of Mountain there are in Parliament…

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Good news for lazy folk: Japan’s government to consider creating a new public holiday

In June last year, we brought you news of whisperings in Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture about the proposed creation of a new public holiday, which was to be known as Yama no Hi, or Mountain Day. Since then we have heard little more on the subject, but the good news is that, although the plans may have changed a little, parliament is now considering a bill to make the national holiday a reality, meaning everyone may soon get an extra day off every August 11!

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