Trump’s announcement of America-Japan joint space exploration hypes up Japanese netizens

Five years from now, astronauts from Japan are going to have a rare opportunity to walk on the moon.

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Godzilla constellation recognized by NASA as King of the Monsters claims a corner of space

Mt. Fuji constellation joins the kaiju in the gamma-ray-filled heavens.

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Space gets sexy as Japanese Twitter users see solar eclipse as shapely woman’s thighs【Photos】

To some, the celestial bodies look more like a sexy body in hot pants and panties.

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NASA’s new leek-like supersonic jet design would be perfect for Hatsune Miku’s personal plane

I always feel a little sad whenever I stop and think that NASA’s Space Shuttles are no longer in service. For decades, they served as symbols not only for the pioneering spirit of their mission crews, but for NASA itself, an organization that serves as a gathering point for some of the brightest and boldest scientific minds on the planet.

NASA hasn’t completely gotten out of the high-tech transportation field, though, as it’s moving ahead with a project to develop a supersonic passenger jet. As impressive as its specs are, though, it looks like something quite a bit more down to earth: a root vegetable.

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NASA and JAXA team up to deliver amazing new satellite, promotional video

Space is awesome. There’s no one who can disagree with that. It’s a simple fact of reality! Spaceflight, satellites, astronauts and all that jazz are just some of the coolest stuff on the planet…uhh…in the universe!

Helping to make all that coolness a reality are the amazing government agencies NASA (from United States) and JAXA (from Japan), who are devoted to the exploration of the great dark void that surrounds our planet. They’re also great partners, often working together to bring missions to fruition, like the GPM (Global Precipitation Measurement) mission, for which JAXA developed something called the DPR (Dual-frequency Percipitation Radar).

And while their program is awesome, there’s actually something even more sweet to come out of this partnership: A gorgeous anime promotional video!

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NASA and JAXA Holding Manga Character Contest, Design a Mascot for their Mission

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are joining forces on the Global Precipitation Measurement Project (GPM Project).

Now that all the abbreviations are out of the way, the two space agencies are holding a manga character contest to find some 2-D spokespeople (or spokesthings) to represent this project in promotional and educational materials.

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If a superflare, which is an explosion up to millions or even a billion times more powerful than a typical solar flare, were to happen on our sun, it would release incredible amounts of electromagnetic energy that would likely fry the world’s all-important electrical grids and send society spiraling into chaos. A large enough one could even burn up our protective ozone layer and turn all life on Earth extra-crispy.

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