PET bottle

Here are seven genius items to give new life an purpose to old water bottles

With plastic trash choking our oceans, it’s time to put those offenders to good use!

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Who needs a ship in a bottle when you can have a kitchen in a bottle!

That’s right, you read that title correctly. While some people enjoy constructing ships inside bottles, it seems that popular beverage company Kirin has taken up a new hobby- building unbelievably tiny kitchens inside of plastic bottles! In a new advertisement for a line of soft drinks, Kirin showcases some incredible craftsmanship at a minuscule level. You’ll be blown away by the minute details of these models!

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Red Bull 330ml PET bottles being pulled from store shelves due to sell-by date snafu

Launched just ten days ago at convenience stores nationwide, 330ml PET bottles of Red Bull are being pulled from store shelves. The reason, apparently, is the western style month-day-year sell-by date labeling used on the popular energy drink’s packaging.
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