Playstation Vita

End of an era – Sony announces end of online, PlayStation Store support for PS3 and Vita

If you’re planning any digital purchases or downloads, the time is now.

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Upcoming Japanese video game has its idol singers dying, literally, to be the number one vocalist

With the genre listed as “center scramble death game adventure,” you should expect a pretty high body-count, no matter how cute the characters are.

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Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness PS4/Vita Game’s Introduction Trailer Highlights Characters

NIS America began streaming an introduction trailer for its upcoming release of Mages and 5pb.’s Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game on Tuesday.

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Birdie dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend finally arrives on the Japanese PS Store

Fowl-themed dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend gets a PS4 and Vita release in Japan at last.

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Protect Your PSVita with Official Gundam Cases

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Makers of Dynasty Warriors bring us awesome Attack on Titan game this winter【Video】

While the Attack on Titan live-action movie may have failed to live up to some people’s expectations, we’re still holding out hope for something even greater on the horizon.

It looks like we won’t have to wait too long because come this winter, there’ll be a new game on the market—and it’s set to feature advancing giants, a showdown with the Colossal Titan himself, and gameplay that lets you fly through the air using Omnidirectional Mobility Gear.

Oh, and there’s a ton of blood.

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Upcoming Vita game Murasaki Baby is delightfully dark and cute in equal parts 【GIFs】

There’s a word in Japanese that people use to describe things that are at once cute and grotesque: kimokawaii. Upcoming side-scrolling adventure game Murasaki Baby is just that. Featuring an adorable protagonist with an upside-down face and a world populated with enemies like giant, hairy-nostrilled noses and razor-toothed bunnies, the game is a blend of the kimochi warui, or gross, and kawaii cuteness, and is due for release sometime this year.

Ahead of the E3 trade fair, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has revealed a series of animated GIFs showing off the game’s otherworldly visuals, which we can only describe as a mix between The Nightmare Before Christmas and merciless indie platformer Limbo.

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Nintendogs coming to a PlayStation Vita near you?

…Wait, that’s not Nintendogs!

No, ladies and gentlemen, the house that made Mario hasn’t finally buckled under the pressure and decided to publish its first-party games on rival platforms. The above screenshot is actually from a completely new title designed specifically for Sony’s portable: PlayStation Vita Pets. Soulless rip-off or an evolution of the pet sim genre? Find out after the break.

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