Pretty Guardian

Are you a true Sailor Moon fan? Well, here’s your chance to join the official fan club!

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a Sailor Scout, now’s your chance, as the Pretty Guardians are recruiting for their official fan club.

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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is coming to Shibuya to become Pretty Soldier Sailor Shopper

The best thing about the Japanese entertainment industry milking popular properties for all their worth is that fans get a chance to purchase all the new merchandise that inevitably accompanies a brand new release. Sailor Moon fans have been witnessing a Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon renaissance with the recent anime series Sailor Moon Crystal and there have been so many awesome Sailor Moon goods that you could be forgiven for thinking fans had run out of money. However, you would be wrong! It turns out fans are getting their wallets ready for some more heavy shopping in Shibuya.

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