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Out of the many magical artifacts Sailor Moon comes across during the course of her adventures, few can match the power of the Illusory Silver Crystal. Maybe that’s why when merchandiser Bandai offers some new anime trinket that includes the gem, it seemingly feels that the replica Silver Crystal also needs to have some sort of innate power.

Previously, fans could use the Illusory Silver Crystal to keep their homes smelling nice. Now, the crystal that helped Queen Serenity maintain order in the Moon Kingdom will help you maintain order on your desk, with this Rainbow Moon Chalice Sailor Moon paper clip case.

Alternatively referred to as both the Holy Grail and Purity Chalice, the new Rainbow Moon Chalice comes from a team up between Bandai and stationary goods company Sun Star Stationary. Standing 10 centimeters (3.9 inches) tall, the chalice weighs in at 350 grams (12.3 ounces) due to its zinc alloy construction and glass beads in the image colors of the Sailor Senshi.

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Flip open the lid, and you’ll find the Illusory Siler Crystal, also fashioned from glass, waiting for you inside.

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The base the crystal is set in is also hinged. Underneath is yet another compartment, this one containing a dozen metallic paper clips shaped like crescent moons and stars.

▼ Both the chalice’s outer and inner surfaces come covered in reflective enamel.

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As we mentioned above, though, the Illusory Silver Crystal is here to do more than just look pretty. It’s functional, as the magnet hidden inside it means you can attach the clips to the crystal itself.

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The Rainbow Moon Chalice clip case can be ordered here through the Premium Bandai website for 8,640 yen (US$73). The item is scheduled to ship in August, boxed in a package where it sits atop an appropriately regal satin cushion.

Source, images: Premium Bandai