Quarter Pounder

Sayonara Quarter Pounder: McDonald’s Japan takes iconic burger off its menu

Japanese customers took to social media to let us know how they felt about the announcement.

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McDonald’s $10 Quarter Pounders’ packaging alone estimated to be a sizeable amount

The dust has settled and a week has already passed since we saw the last of the Quarter Pounder Jewelry Series, McDonald’s Japan’s trio of luxury burgers. We had a lot of fun trying out truffle sauce, spicy chorizo, and rings of golden pineapple and enjoyed the experience, like most had, in spite of the high prices.

But many commenters from around the world who gazed upon these special Quarter Pounders couldn’t help but shake the fact that it appeared as if the packing was what took up most of the money. Japanese website Byokan Sunday was one such observer and decided to break down the cost of luxurious Jewelry Series’ bags and boxes to see how much of the ten dollar price tag went into making them.

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We try the $10 Quarter Pounder Ruby Spark, smacks us in the mouth with flavor

On 20 July, McDonald’s Japan released their third and final luxury Quarter Pounder Jewelry Series burger, the Quarter Pounder Ruby Spark. Like the Black Diamond and Gold Ring that came before it, the Ruby Spark sold for the exorbitant amount of 1,000 yen (US$10).

The Ruby Spark’s special premium ingredient was a few slices of chorizo developed specifically for this sandwich. As customers started devouring the one-day-only sandwich and took to the net to voice their opinions, public sentiment was unusually divided straight down the middle with a balance of comments declaring it “perfect” and “not good enough.”

Curious at how polarizing one burger can be, we sent a reporter to check one out.

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Quarter Pounder Black Diamond diners ask, “Where are the truffles?”

This past July 13, McDonald’s Japan released their second premium sandwich, the Quarter Pounder Black Diamond for one day only for the ostentatious price of 1,000 yen (US$10).

This one in particular drew lots of customers thanks to its special truffle ingredient. Many were hoping to finally get an affordable taste of these luxurious fungi. However, many ended up still wondering if they actually know what a truffle tastes like.

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We try the $10 Quarter Pounder that’s only available in Japan on July 6

McDonald’s Japan recently announced a new line of high-class Quarter Pounders that cost nearly ten bucks. Marketed as the “Jewelry series,” they come with premium ingredients such as truffle sauce, pineapple, or chorizo and each burger will only be available for one day in Japan. The first of the series, the Quarter Pounder Gold Ring, will be served up in a special “jewelry box” on July 6. If you live in Japan, hurry on over to your nearest McDonald’s, this ultra limited edition Quarter Pounder is only available today.

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McDonald’s Japan now serving $10 premium Quarter Pounders with truffle sauce, pineapple, or chorizo

Fast food is supposed to be just that, food that gets into your mouth as fast as possible. Since it’s made so quickly and the price is inexpensive, it’s generally understood that the quality won’t be anything to write home about. However, McDonald’s Japan recently unveiled the Quarter Pounder Jewelry series of premium high-class burgers, laughing at your conventional definition of fast food. But at 1,000 yen (US$9.93) without fries or soda, and including quality ingredients such as truffle sauce, pineapple, or chorizo, these fancy burgers are unusual menu items for a fast food chain. Let’s take a look at what makes these quarter pounders so special…and expensive.

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