Japanese customers took to social media to let us know how they felt about the announcement.

While McDonald’s Japan is known for its limited-edition special seasonal releases, it’s not every day it announces it will be taking an item away from its regular menu.

Sadly that’s what happened last week when the fast food chain put up a notice on its website to let customers know that the Quarter Pounder with Cheese will no longer be available for sale from 4 April.

The notice, printed in Japanese to the left of the burger image, also appeared on the page for the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which will also disappear from the menu on 4 April.

While no reason has been given for the decision to pull the two burgers from the menu, according to media reports in Japan, a spokesperson for the company has claimed the change was part of a plan to revamp their menu, rather than a result of poor sales.

Regardless of the reason, fans of the burgers in Japan were less than thrilled with the news, taking to Twitter to vent their frustration.

The hashtag #クォーターパウンダー or #quarterpounder on Twitter is now accompanied by tears…

▼ …repeated vows to “never forgive”…


▼ …and furious anger.


While the official announcement names 4 April as the last day of sales for the burgers, McDonald’s has also mentioned that sales may finish earlier at certain outlets, depending on when they run out of stock.

So if you’re looking to savour the flavour of a Quarter Pounder in Japan, be sure to get in quick before they disappear, as it’ll involve an overseas trip to buy one in the future.

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: McDonald’s Japan
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