Satomi Ishihara

Live action Attack on Titan actress Satomi Ishihara confirms pregnancy, due date in spring

The star announced the happy news through her agency this month.

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Four Japanese women chosen for world’s 100 most beautiful faces, four men make handsome list

Satomi Ishihara included in group of eight Japanese idols, actors, and entertainers chosen as among the most attractive in the world.

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Amazing pencil portraits of Japanese celebrities look as lifelike as photographs 【Pictures】

This Twitter user doesn’t need lights and cameras when he’s got good pencils and unbelievable talent.

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Bet you can’t look at Satomi Ishihara’s face without wanting to squeeze it 【Video】

Quiz time! Is this video of actress Satomi Ishihara pouting and finger-dancing along to something called the puni-puni dance:

a) ridiculously catchy?
b) a telling example of what it means to be female and in a Japanese commercial?
c) the cutest thing to happen since those photos of the baby otters?

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