80-year-old Japanese man surprises grandson with his amazing wire art collection

The former member of the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force waited until he was 80 to reveal his artistic pastime.

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Merchant shipping posters invoke romance and wonder of Japan’s Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras

There was a time when sumo wrestlers and kimono-clad ladies made shipping companies look beautiful.

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Chinese flag found at underwater wreckage of Japanese war ship

The depths of the ocean are very mysterious, what with all the weird fish and sea creatures, shipwrecks and maybe even sunken treasure down there. It’s no wonder scuba diving is such a popular activity, since you never know just what you’ll come across.

Last weekend, some Japanese divers off the coast of Palau thought they knew what they were going to see when they dove to the underwater grave of a Japanese warship. However, they were surprised to discover something new and peculiar at the site: a Chinese flag. Hm, that wasn’t there last time…

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Anthropomorphized anime warships game inspired by prewar Japanese tourism poster?!

From countries and camera lenses to burgers and government corporations, Japan has a vibrant moe culture of personifying inanimate objects – in other words, turning them into cute, giant-eyed anime characters. The latest addition is a game populated by beautiful, shapely “warships”, which seems like a very modern idea but may actually have its origins in the prewar era.

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