Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival reveals amazing snow sculptures for 2017

Fans of Star Wars, Final Fantasy and Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen have fallen in love with this year’s breathtaking giant displays.

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Japanese artist uses newspaper to make immense, life-like sculptures

Whatever you do with your old papers, it’s probably nowhere near as cool as this!

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Bone appetit! Japanese “bone artist” makes King Ghidorah skeleton out of KFC chicken bones 【Pics】

We have zero bones to pick with his artistic talent.

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We visited Fukuoka’s Museum of Mysteries and we still have no idea what we saw

Who knew you could find so much in such an isolated location?

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Hebikera from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind on sale at Studio Ghibli Exhibition in Tokyo

The stunning model has been made according to a Japanese metal craft tradition with roots in the Edo period.

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It’s tempting, but don’t try eating anything made by this artist — you might break your teeth!

What looks like a fish, sits like a fish and fries like a fish? A piece of wood.

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The ultimate eco-friendly art: Korean artist makes animal sculptures out of discarded tires【Pics】

When you want to help the Earth, but also need a living room conversation piece…

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80-year-old Japanese man surprises grandson with his amazing wire art collection

The former member of the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force waited until he was 80 to reveal his artistic pastime.

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This amazing sand sculpture museum is tiny Tottori Prefecture’s hidden tourist gem

Remember when Tottori Prefecture finally got a Starbucks after all these years of being one of the few places in the world without one? Oh man, that was crazy.

Tottori is just one of those places. The kind of area that’s so quiet and uneventful that not even Starbucks, the corporate giant that’s more than happy to smother historic cultural heritage sites with their over-roasted beans and pricey lattes for a quick buck, spent decades more or less pretending it didn’t even exist. The Prefecture’s population of just over half a million is shockingly small by densely-populated Japan’s standards, and it’s just generally ignored by the rest of Japan as a place that, well… doesn’t have much to see, to put it kindly.

But wait a second! What’s this?! Tottori has been sitting on an amazing tourist draw in the form of a sand sculpture museum that features mind-boggling, award-winning and massive sand sculptures and they basically haven’t even really told anybody about it.

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