Japanese pro gamer kicked off e-sports team after saying short men shouldn’t have human rights

Tekken pro asks guys under 170 centimeters (67 inches) tall to “please live your life with the idea ‘I have no human rights’ in your mind.”

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Japanese high school genius creates incredible 4-minute stop motion movie 【Video】

This amazing movie Maru and Mari was created entirely by one high school student.

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On the short side? Lucky you! Japanese women describe what they love about shorter men

Despite the fact that plenty of tall guys can be found walking around Japan these days, it’s still true that the national average height for an adult Japanese male is 170cm (5’5″), which, compared to the figures for countries like the US, UK and Australia (all around 177cm, or 5’10”) might seem a little on the shorter side for some.

However, it’s not all bad news for shorter guys looking to find love in Japan—many Japanese women actually really like shorter men, and here are some of the reasons they gave as to why they like their fellas fun-sized.

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