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New smartphone app helps lonely women in Japan make female friends, forbids date requests

Asking someone out on a date, even for same-sex romance, will get users banned.

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Cosmetic mishap leaves girl in China realizing it’s not easy being green 【Video】

Everyone’s favorite Muppet frog once sang about the difficulties of being green, but there were a few points he left out: being dumped by your boyfriend, for example, or being mistaken for a green traffic light and in turn getting hit by a car—both things this poor girl from China claims happened to her after a facial mask she used turned her face a glowing, fluorescent green.

A video of the interview with the unfortunate young lady has gone viral across Chinese social networking sites, with many just as skeptical of the wild story as you probably are this very minute…

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How to take a photo looking like someone important, it’s all in the “mokkore”

In these days of social networks many of us have come up on the problem of which profile picture to use. Scrolling through all the photos you’ve reluctantly let people take of you, it’s hard to find one that relates your true inner beauty. It would be nice if we all had one of those mid-interview shots where people look really interesting.

Sadly though, chances are you haven’t been professionally interviewed and so don’t have one. Don’t worry though, because our crack team of photogenic writers and editors has found a way to easily simulate a photograph that can make anyone look like a truly interesting person. All you need is the magic word: Mokkore! Let’s try.

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