strange sound

Mystery spot in Japan with strange noises and flying object has us baffled 【Video】

In a scene reminiscent of  something out of the X-Files, there was a report earlier this year of an undisclosed place in Japan where strange loud noises were heard from the sky. Video footage was captured of what appears to be a rainy night where mysterious noises are audible there’s even an unidentified object in the sky.

Personally, I’m not a believer of UFOs, but this video footage certainly has my skin crawling and my mind wondering. We can’t quite figure out whether it’s a sound of nature (some kind of natural phenomenon or a beast in hiding) or a man-made noise.

You be the judge after the jump.

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Lady’s iPhone cries when charging after not being used for a long time

These days technology seems to be getting more and more closed off from the consumers that use it. Back in the day you easily could pull out a screwdriver and fix the gear on your Walkman by yourself after it chewed up your new jack swing mix-tape.

Now you wouldn’t know how to pop open an iPhone, even if you wanted to void the warranty. This is why problems like this lady’s have got me baffled. In her video titled The Case of My iPhone Gasping While Charging After a Long Time we can watch an iPhone make sounds not unlike Police Academy’s Michael Winslow when charging from 0%.

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