W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 offensive Japanese insults【Weird Top Five】

Need to expand your foul-mouthed vocabulary? We’ve got you covered.

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We’re going beyond baka today. (Obviously, this is not safe for work due to language.)

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“Same sh*t different day” – Nice Japanese people swearing in English 【Video】

Hearing native Japanese people casually using English slang is a special kind of awesome. All too often, Japanese are taught straight-laced, borderline archaic phrases that, while grammatically sound, remove all trace of the speaker’s personality to the point that they end up sounding like stuffy university professors rather than they people they actually are. So when we spotted this video, which shows one English teacher’s students working their way through the recently released book F*ck no Tadashii Tsukaikata, or “How to Use ‘F**k’“, it brought huge smiles to our faces.

So, if you’d like to hear perfectly nice and respectable Japanese people saying things like “I’m trusting you with the drugs; don’t f**k me over” and “He’s going to sh*t a brick”, make sure there are no impressionable youngsters in the room and join us after the jump.

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