Everyone knows that there are certain nuances in every language that you just can’t learn from school. Humor, for instance, but also cursing. Sure, you might know the definitions of a few key words, but stringing them together is a task unlikely to be perfected except by those who have spent some time with folks who are native speakers.

A recent book written by MADSAKI and published by Transworld Japan is giving Japanese speakers the fine opportunity to learn how to creatively curse in American-English. Titled, How to use F*** Correctly: 99 Phrases Using F***, S***, D***, and H*** that Schools Won’t Teach You, Handle with Care, it promises 176 pages of illustrated cursing, with examples.

Some would argue that Americans aren’t the most creative in our usage of expletives (our cousins across the Atlantic are a shade better), but we make do with our small arsenal of four-letter words.

In any case, if you’re not too shy about seeing four-letter words in print and want to see some sample pages, the folks over at Japan Subculture Research Center have uploaded a review, complete with pictures.

Apparently it even comes with a CD.

Thanks to P.A.B. for the tip!

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