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Japanese mascot Shinjo-kun joins ChiiJohn for a trip to the U.S. to see John Oliver 【Video】

Two otters travel across the ocean to search for “He-John” in this funny and heartwarming video.

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Chiitan vs John Oliver: Talk show host responds to Japanese mascot’s challenge to battle 【Video】

Oliver’s new mascot Chiijohn steals Chiitan’s best friend and now there’s beef to settle.

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Talk show features machine repeatedly slapping man in the nuts, because Japan

Despite media coverage, Japanese TV tends to lean towards the tame. You’ve got your History Channel-type stuff, your basic daytime dramas, your variety shows that are invariably focused on people eating food and the reactions of people watching said people eat food (spoiler: it’s delicious). You’ve got your movie re-runs and your weather forecasts.

But then, sometimes, you’ve got stuff like this: a man willingly, inexplicably letting a machine paddle him in the family jewels over and over again for what appears to be no reason at all.

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