Taro Aso

Japanese finance minister is in hot water after statement allegedly condoning Hitler

Taro Aso later retracts statement which seemed to suggest Hitler’s motives were right.

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Former PM Taro Aso celebrates Obama’s visit with one of his typically inappropriate comments

Taro Aso might be remembered by some as the last prime minister to serve during the revolving-door era of political leadership that occurred in the last decade in Japan, with the country being led by five different men between 2006 and 2012. During that time and elsewhere in is political career, however, Aso has also become well-known for his numerous gaffes such as saying he wanted to make Japan a country that “rich Jews” would want to live.

Now serving as Deputy PM and Minister of Finance, Aso’s legacy of inappropriate comments lives on. Following the recent visit by US President Barack Obama, the former prime minister felt it was time to give his two cents about the American leader.

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Manga-loving Minister Taro Asō buys Golgo 13 on morning of tax hike

Former Prime Minister Taro Asō was witnessed purchasing a copy of Golgo 13 from a convenience store on Tuesday, April 1. Interestingly enough, this also happened to coincide with the first day of the nationwide consumption tax increase, which brought the tax rate up to a total of 8%.

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