Touhou Project

Tokyo politician creates dojinshi manga, will be at Comiket selling it

Otaku assemblyman’s latest project stars a 1,300-year-old girl from a popular video game franchise.

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Bullet hell fans in heaven with shooter series Touhou Project officially coming to the West

With the globalization of the video game business, just about every successful series sees a worldwide release. Sure, niche titles here and there might remain exclusive to Japan, but when you think about long-running franchises, like Nintendo’s Mario, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy, or Konami’s Metal Gear, it’s pretty much a given that each and every installment will make its way to the rest of the world sooner or later.

However, it’s taken almost two decades for one of Japan’s most beloved video game series to secure a release in English-speaking territories. The wait is just about over, though, as the phenomenally popular shooter series Touhou Project is finally making its official overseas debut.

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Holy cow! This leggy beauty is actually a guy! 【Photos】

If your new year’s resolution is to stop believing in the cute girls you see online, here’s something to test you right off the bat! Once again, the internet has proven that “if she’s too cute, she must be a guy“. Not only does this cross-dressing beauty have a mesmerizing smile, she has such long slender legs that leave girls green with envy! I mean, he! Oh, whichever… On to the photos!

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