Twitter comics

Japanese Twitter artist gives hilarious suggestion for when you can’t draw a character’s body


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Japanese manga artist makes comic showing one of the most heartbreaking experiences for an author

It’s not the long hours, it’s not the rejections, it’s something more personal.

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Japanese Twitter artist draws manga of “Aspe-chan” to show what it’s like living with Asperger’s

Based on her real-life childhood experiences.

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Japanese artist shows darkness that can sit just outside of a “like”-worthy photo on social media

Oftentimes, it’s what we don’t see that tells the real story of the people smiling at the world online.

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Japanese artist’s rendition of child opening fridge of alcoholic parents is chilling

A refrigerator can be one of the most honest reflections of your priorities.

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This Japanese Pokémon fan comic about Gyarados in love has us crying water-type tears

Even big scary monsters need love too.

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Japanese artist’s comic “I am an 18-year-old idol otaku” shows the dark life of one diehard fan

The other side of shaking glowsticks and singing pop songs.

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Japanese Twitter user’s comics depicting office-lady life will hit you right in the feels

The life of a Japanese salaryman or OL (office lady) can be a thoroughly depressing one. Waking up early, working all day, staying out late for (mandatory) drinks with clients and coworkers, and then catching a few hours of sleep if you’re lucky, only to repeat it again and again and again until you finally hit retirement age.

Japanese Twitter user @black9arrows managed to capture this lifestyle perfectly in comic form. While many of the comics are funny, most of them are so dead-on you’ll cry right along with the poor OL protagonist.

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Now even cats in Japan are taking post-breakup selfies!

Twitter photo comics were the platform for a six-panel post-breakup transformation meme earlier this year.

Using the tagline “you broke up with me ’cause that girl’s cuter?” (‘ano ko no hou ga kawaii kara’), the comics typically show a girl transforming herself from a bookish persona into a fully made-up “cute” version of herself.

Then, men started doing them too. And cats. And babies.

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