Japanese cosplayer reveals how to take the perfect mirror selfie

Cosplay hack will have you looking taller and slimmer in all your photos.

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Japanese Twitter searches for foreigners who left funny photos on lost smartphone at Costco

Phone returned to owner with a surprise on the camera roll from a trio of good samaritans.

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New Japanese smartphone prohibits users from taking naked selfies

Tone Mobile’s new phone won’t save photo data it thinks is “inappropriate.”

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We copy the look of Matt, Japan’s hottest male model as SoraNews24’s Meg becomes Mett

A digital makeover shows us SoraNews24’s selfie queen like we’ve never seen her before.

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Japanese beauty product prints English backwards on package so women can take better selfies

It looks like a mistake, but the packaging is exactly how the company wants it to be.

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Bruno Mars throws towel at model for using phone at Japanese concert, she mistakes it as a gift

The lost-in-translation moment went straight to #1 trending on Japanese YouTube.

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Japanese comic explains why posting double-photos on Twitter achieves the greatest selfie impact

Looks like we’ve been doing it wrong all this time.

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Tokyo proposes new law cracking down on requests for teens to share nude selfies online

Though it kind of seems like this should have been illegal already.

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J-pop idol group gives us a lesson in iconic Japanese high school girl poses【Video】

Do you know the names of all these Japanese photo poses that have appeared over the years?
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Skip the peace sign – Security researcher cautions against striking Japan’s favorite picture pose

Saying cheese is fine, but flashing the peace sign could be inviting not just social media attention, but identity theft too.

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Tom Hanks visits Japan, blends in with oyaji at restaurant in Tokyo

Find out where the Hollywood movie star took this silly selfie after the break!

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Japanese cosmetic artist posts photo with only half her face made up, internet freaks out【Pics】

“Oh my god, it’s like she’s two people at once!”

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Use of selfie sticks now banned at 1,195 stations in Japan

With Japanese society’s overlapping loves of photography, smartphones, and social media, it was only a matter of time until selfie sticks took the country by storm. They’re an especially common site at tourist destinations in the country, since no proper Japanese journey is complete without commemorative photos taken of the group posing with the most famous local attraction, Shinkansen, and possibly whatever the local culinary delicacy is.

But as of this weekend, there are 1,195 places where you’ll see plenty of travelers but not a single selfie stick: the train stations of western Japan, which have prohibited their use.

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A clever new life-hack for selfies? We take a look at the new hands-free method of taking photos

Like them of loathe them, the invention of the selfie-stick has revolutionized how people all over the world are taking photos of themselves. If there is one drawback to this new invention, however, it would have to be that it still requires one hand to hold and snap the photo. But what if you want to strike a cute pose using both of your hands, like throwing up a couple of peace signs or doing cat paws by your face?

Well, a new selfie method has just started showing up, demonstrated by girls posting their photos on the Chinese social networking site Weibo. This might just be the next clever new life hack, but it does require a lot of pedal dexterity!

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Now even cats in Japan are taking post-breakup selfies!

Twitter photo comics were the platform for a six-panel post-breakup transformation meme earlier this year.

Using the tagline “you broke up with me ’cause that girl’s cuter?” (‘ano ko no hou ga kawaii kara’), the comics typically show a girl transforming herself from a bookish persona into a fully made-up “cute” version of herself.

Then, men started doing them too. And cats. And babies.

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