woodblock print

Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa woodblock print splashes into Lego art in early 2023

It will be nothing but smooth sailing when assembling your very own 3-D version of the world’s most recognizable wave.

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Young Goku gets turned into adorable limited edition ukiyoe print!

One of the most beloved characters in manga and anime history is now available as an ukiyo-e woodblock print!

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Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. appear as the gods of wind & thunder in new ukiyo-e woodblock print

Mario and Luigi appear in a new artwork that combines traditional Japanese art techniques with the modern-day video game world.

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Cute collection of cats in the yokai world features magical powers, gods and flying catfish

The spirit world is highly revered in Japan. From sacred sites to encounters with shape-shifting animals, there are hundreds of tales involving other-worldly beings that hover around the shrines, temples and natural formations that dot the country.

This sense of mystery manifests itself in yokai; strange apparitions or supernatural monsters that exist in folklore and can often be seen in traditional woodblock prints. Ghoulish animals appear quite frequently, which has inspired one Japanese artist to create her own collection featuring mischievous cats, illustrating them as they get up to strange antics and perform magical stunts.

Cats in the yokai world are definitely still cute—just in a strange, creepy way!

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