yakuza 6

Man runs amok inside Osaka convenience store, reminds everyone of the Yakuza video game

Life imitates art?

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Take a look around Tokyo Game Show 2016 with us!【Photos】

Tokyo Game Show 2016’s two business days are over, and this Saturday the venue opens its doors to the general public! Here’s a teaser of what’s on show!

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RocketNews24 goes to Tokyo Game Show 2016!

Tokyo Game Show 2016 got under way today with the first of two press-only days (the public event will be held over the weekend!), and RocketNews24 was on the scene!

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Our Japanese writers audition for upcoming Yakuza 6 game, get sexy pictures taken

We sent six of our most dashing writers to a photo studio for some glamour shots at an appearance in the new Yakuza 6 video game.

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Yakuza 6 lets you duke it out inside an ultra-detailed Japanese convenience store【Video】

Anyone who’s been to Japan knows that the convenience store is the prefect place to get snacks, pay your bills, buy adult material, and get into a fight. Wait, what?

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Yakuza 6 to feature baddest Yakuza film dude of all time: Japanese actor Beat Takeshi 【Video】

Japanese actor and director “Beat” Takeshi Kitano is an instantly recognisable face over here in Japan, but westerners might be more familiar with him in his role as sadistic homeroom teacher Kitano in Battle Royale, or perhaps as the host of the madcap 1980s Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle.

But it turns out that ol’ Beat is no longer just the face of Japanese TV and gritty movies, as he has recently joined a long line of celebrities lending their voices and images to video games. Check out Beat Takeshi’s appearance in the upcoming Sega game, Yakuza 6, in the following trailer.

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