The Internet is going nuts for model Risa Hirako who looks more like 25 than 45.

They say the Japanese age well but this is now officially getting out of control. Judging by these pictures it looks as if 40s are the new 20s in Japan.

In Japan, it is common to ask people to guess your age – but you would probably be lucky to get anywhere near 45 if asked by Risa Hirako. The model turned 45 this year, which means she was almost born in the 60s – 1971 to be exact. The same year Jimi Hendrix passed away and one year after the Beatles split up.

Risa hasn’t shied away from the cameras in her “old age” with her Instagram pictures causing a tsunami of amazement and jealousy. Her latest photo shoot in a pink bikini have some calling her the “real life Barbie”. (Though she’s hardly the first to receive that moniker.)

▼ I think you need a license in some Japanese prefectures to wear those high heels…

Hirako has obviously been blessed with some incredible genes or maybe she has some magical secret, as some have been suggesting.

▼ It wouldn’t be Japanese modelling without a bit of cosplay

▼ How about a close-up? No problem.

Commenters flooded in with the expected exaltation, remarking that she’s cute or “like a doll”. A few people have, predictably, also been asking her for a date. “Will you go out with me?” says one commenter.

Wishful thinking, me thinks.

Source: Instagram/Risa Hirako
Images: Instagram/Risa Hirako