The Internet is going nuts for model Risa Hirako who looks more like 25 than 45.

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South Korean beverage maker teases consumers with bottles they can literally undress

The beach is, for obvious reasons, one of the most popular leisure destinations during summer. There’s so much to enjoy at the beach during the hotter months: the sun, the sea breeze, the refreshing water… and of course it’s bikinis and guys with well-sculpted bods galore.

But this summer in South Korea, it’s not just the beach babes and hunks who are strutting around in their skimpy swimwear. Even the world-famous probiotic beverage Yakult is showing off its shapely body in a variety of swimsuits! Check out the designs after the break!

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Shenyang, China, may be a few hours’ drive from the sea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an eyeful of good-looking girls and guys in swimwear. Plus, you can enjoy some hearty food and drink without getting sand in it.

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When it comes to competition swimwear, most of us immediately think of is the kind of gear we see worn by professional swimmers. Trends have shifted over the years as technology improved and demands have changed; swimsuits with racerbacks and varying leg lengths to cater to different needs, preferences and races are most commonly seen on female professional swimmers today.

Last week, Japanese “fetish swimsuit” maker REALISE released a new “competition swimsuit” that changed everyone’s perspective on racing swimwear. Instead of having an open back like many Speedo or TYR suits do, REALISE’s revolutionary design has an open front, allowing its wearers to show off their bosoms, just because. As always, the trend-sensitive Twitter users of Japan were quick to respond to the new fashion statement and… well, just see for yourselves after the break! (Needless to say, some of these illustrations are NSFW.)

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Swimsuit idols that you can date and marry

Pop idols exist in this strange space between reality and fantasy. While they are living, breathing individuals, they are set on a pedestal and rarely get to interact with people one on one. While groups like AKB48 may be tied to a certain location to serve as a symbol of pride for one area’s people, outside of meet and greet events, fans cannot really get to know them. Of course, the biggest taboo of all is for a pop idol and a fan to begin dating. But one brave group has decided to step forth from the binds of their image. Meet the members of the idol group Happening Girls. These four lovely ladies depicted here are unique in the idol community because they are allowed to foster relationships, date, and even marry their fans.

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Out with the bikinis! Could these sailor swimsuits be what we’ve been waiting for?

Most of us probably don’t mind seeing girls in cute swimsuits, right? But these swimsuits in particular seem to have attracted a good deal of attention on the Japanese Internet. Why? Well, other than that they look awfully charming, they manage to combine swimwear with another fetish fashion item that’s extremely popular in Japan — the sailor uniform. And they’re apparently selling quite well too! So, let’s see just how cute they really are.

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More and more Japanese moms agree: boys should wear girls’ swimsuits

We saw how monster parents can ruin the lives of rural potato farmers, but how do their demands impact the teachers closest to them?

Horribly of course, as some Tokyo area teachers have revealed, particularly when it comes to swimming class. According to an interview with Excite News Japan, school staff are growing increasingly worried with parents’ request to put their sons in one-piece swimsuits.

We don’t mean something cool like wetsuits either. These moms insist that to the best way to combat the indecent exposure of a topless boy is to put him in a girl’s swimsuit. How’s that for logic?

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New School Swimsuit in Japan is Conservative and Surprisingly Cute

The worst time in P.E. for many girls is the few weeks when everyone is forced to learn how to swim. When you’re a self-conscious young lady, having to wear a bathing suit in front of a bunch of guys can be mortifying. To make matters worse, most swimsuits are very low-cut on the top and high-cut on the bottom, making for a very embarrassing garment for girls who are uncomfortable with their bodies to wear.

Good news for shy girls and fashionistas alike! Japan-based swimsuit maker, Footmark, seems to have achieved the impossible by releasing a one-piece girls’ school swimsuit that is both conservative and absolutely cute.

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