Are you looking for something to give to that special someone in your life? Choosing the right gift is a huge burden for many of us this time of year, especially with so many options to choose from.

Take watches, for example. They can be pretty reliable gifts—everyone could use a watch, right?

Well, not so fast. How much you spend on a watch can mean the difference between being the hero of Christmas, or one of those people who donates money to charity in your name.

Say you’re shopping online and come across a watch like the one in the picture above.

Those familiar with watches might recognize this elegant men’s timepiece to be in the style of popular watch designer Frank Muller. Watch connoisseurs or people who can read Japanese, however, will notice that this watch is a fake and actually reads “Frank Miura” in Japanese writing on the face. Even someone who could read it probably couldn’t spot the difference from a distance.

Frank Miura is a Japanese watchmaker that takes the basic design of Muller’s watches to absurd new places. These mad scientists have even designed a watch that is inverted for people who work in front of mirrors, like hairdressers. In some cases, the watches are close enough to their inspiration that Mr. Muller’s lawyers may pay them a visit if he doesn’t share their sense of humor.

So if that special person in your life is a watch enthusiast, I can’t recommend this beyond a gag gift. That is unless, of course, you enjoy watching them throw up a little in his mouth. However, if they’re like me and is tired of over-hyped and overpriced brand name items that get pushed on us year after year, or if they shares the same playful nature of the makers at Frank Miura, they might just get a kick out of this reasonably priced specimen of silliness.

As an added bonus, wrestling fans may notice the frankensteiner reference also printed on the front of this watch. Most of their watches have a wrestling move or style printed on the face: A testament to the class and sophistication of these watches.

Check out their online store now, and you can take advantage of their bulk deal; buy 10 watches and get 2 free. You can take care of all your office Christmas shopping in one click of the mouse!

Link: Frank Miura
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