This breathtaking wristwatch has a sakura petal design that transforms as you watch it!

The passage of time has felt more fluid and untrackable than ever in our strange, post-2020 world. Seconds stretch into hours, months vanish in an instant… How is anyone supposed to ground themselves in linear time after the year we just left behind?

Well, the latest creation from a watch store called Moda Bello, hosted on Taiwanese designer shopping site Pinkoi, may help. This stunning, sakura petal inspired design is the latest in their “bloom” series and was specially created in order to help its owner treasure every passing second. In fact, its official name is the RT-72-1 bloom series – sakura, with RT standing for “Relax Time”.

▼ The cherry blossom design on the face is framed in delicate pink and gold tones.

The watch is so beautiful in a static image that it already seems well worth its stated 29,210 yen (US$285) price tag. But the charms of Pinkoi’s watch aren’t limited to its dreamy opalescent color palette or gleaming pink petals. You see, the face itself moves with each passing second in a hypnotically soothing loop.

▼ We could watch this forever.

The petals seem to thin into nothing and then blossom outwards again, fattening into plump heart shapes before returning to their initial position. This seems like a great way to focus your breathing or take a moment to calm yourself down, and the stunning artistry in the design will bring a soft smile to your lips every time.

▼ The same watch comes in blue, for a cooler aesthetic.

Moda Bello has a number of incredible watches for sale, but the sakura-styled watches are truly something special. They are currently being sold here at a 40-percent discount, too, reducing their usual price to 17,526 yen (US$171) plus shipping costs. If there’s someone in your life who could use celebrating, this might be the perfect seasonal present!

Source: Pinkoi/Moda Bello
Top image: YouTube/fiber watch
Insert images: Pinkoi/Moda Bello

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