New product comes with special features to recreate the friendly lamp character from the hit anime film. 

Studio Ghibli’s globally acclaimed anime feature film Spirited Away is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with a number of new and exciting merchandise releases, many of which are available at Japan’s Donguri Kyowakoku retail chain.

▼ Donguri Kyowakoku translates to “Acorn Republic”

Now, following on from their latest celebratory release, the new No Face coin bank, Ghibli is bringing out another showstopper — the hopping lantern from Spirited Away!

The lantern that guides main character Sen and her companions through the forest to Zeniba’s house during their fantasy adventure can now be yours to own! Called “Michiannai no Kantera” (“Lantern Guide”), the new product looks exactly like the friendly lamp that appears in the film, complete with its gloved hand-foot, and will be on sale from the end of December 2021, at a retail price point of 8,800 yen (US$79.63).

▼ The lamp part is removable and responds to movement by glowing like a candle so it shimmers in varying degrees of intensity when you walk with it.

It’s a long wait until the gorgeous-looking product becomes available, but pre-orders will open online from 22 July. That’s when another release will officially go on sale to keep us going until December — a collection of 20th Anniversary Limited Model Spirited Away Seiko watches.

Priced at 15,400 yen each, there are four designs to choose from:

▼ No Face Black (available exclusively at Donguri Kyowakoku stores)

▼ Haku (available exclusively at Donguri Kyowakoku stores)

No Face Red (available exclusively at Donguri Kyowakoku’s online store)

▼ Haku Dragon (available exclusively at Donguri Kyowakoku’s online store)

What a way to celebrate 20 years of Spirited Away!

Studio Ghibli appears to have a soft spot for releasing watches as a way to mark the passage of time for milestone anniversaries, with Laputa: Castle in the Sky receiving a stunning timepiece to mark its 35th anniversary this year, along with a touching note about time from director Hayao Miyazaki.

We’re loving all the new Ghibli merchandise that’s become available this year, and have our fingers crossed we’ll get to see some more before the year is over!

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Source, images: PR Times 

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