When deciding to travel in Japan we are faced with a rather large assortment of hotels that don’t exist in our home countries, one of which is the “business hotel”. The label of business hotel may conjure up images of the infamous “capsule hotels” for some, while for other’s it may have the sense of a dank, narrow, room that was occupied by the cast of Mad Men. I suspected such things at first until, in an effort to save money, I bit the bullet and tried a few out.

I can now confidently say that despite their label, business hotels are actually rather comfy – some of them downright elegant!

These hotels don’t skimp on the amenities. For instance, it wouldn’t be hard to find a business hotel that offers air conditioning, humidifier, or even an air purifier. Most have fairly spacious bathrooms and offer a complimentary breakfast. Even if you are just looking for a place to have a brief romantic rendezvous, a business hotel can be a cheaper alternative to a dingy motel or robotic love hotel.

Let’s take a look at 6 prime business hotels that can be found in the Tokyo area. All hotels charge rates less than 3,500 yen (US$44.80) per person when two people are staying in the room at a rate of 7,000 yen total ($89.60).

1 Fuchu Urban Hotel Bekkan – 3,400 yen per person ($43.52)

About a minute walk from the Keiou Line Fuchu Station this hotel’s best feature is their complimentary breakfast, especially their bread. You can also get all-you-can-eat salad, eggs, and coffee, but I’d rather just fill up on their bread as good as it is. If I had one complaint it’d be that the TV is kind of small, but really, who stays in a hotel to watch TV.

Oh, and also some rooms overlook a graveyard. However, if you’re the squeamish type who’s put off by this kind of stuff, it’s no problem to request a room facing another way as long as you book in advance or the other rooms are vacant.

2 Marroad International Hotel Narita – 3,300 yen per person ($42.24)

This hotel was featured in our article Haneda Airport Hotel So Close To Runway It’s Voyeurism. A 10 minute shuttle bus ride (free of charge) from Airport Terminal 2 Station of the Keiou Line, this is worth a visit even if you’re not on vacation and just want an up-close glimpse of how airlines function. You can even make a day of it and take another free shuttle bus to Narita airport and check that out too.

3 Super Hotel JR Ikeburo Nishiguchi – 3,490 yen per person ($44.67)

A five minute trek from Ikebukuro Station’s North Gate 20a, this hotel offers a hat trick of pluses. First off, they let you choose your own pillow, so if your into firm or fluffy your needs will be catered to. Then for the ladies only; they have their choice of 5 items including various hotel bottles of lotions, cooling packs, and more. And lastly, the hotel also offers a complimentary breakfast. I’ve had better bread than theirs but I hear their soup is pretty good.

4 Toyoko Inn Yokohama-Sen Fuchinobe-Eki Minami-Guchi – 2,990 yen per person ($38.27)

Three minutes away from Yokohama line’s Fuchinobe Station’s south gate, Toyoko Inn is a reputable chain of hotels in Japan. The Fuchinobe Station hotel opened just a short time ago so everything is still sparkling. For a meager 3,000 yen, one person can get a room and breakfast. It’s hard to image how they can turn a profit with those prices.

5 Hotel Gracery Tamachi – 2,800 yen per person ($35.84)

It’s easily found four minutes from JR Tamachi Station. It’s been a while since I stayed here so I’m a little fuzzy about things. What I do remember though are the features available like air purifiers, humidifiers, and even a trouser press – all are pretty high quality too! They’re pleasant surprises considering the low, low price for a room.

6 Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo – 2,800 yen per person ($35.84)

From the JR Sobu Line North Gate (aka Tokyo Metro Hanzoumon Line A3 Gate) it’s a 3 minutes on foot. Some of the rooms here offer an excellent view of the famous Tokyo Sky Tree, but even if you can’t get one of those rooms the lobby of this hotel is stunningly luxurious in itself. The rooms are quite beautiful too. On top of that, the hotel is nicely located if you want to see the Asakusa district or head downtown.

IMPORTANT The prices listed are at the time of writing this article, and they may change without our knowing. Please confirm them with the hotel itself before making any plans.

IMPORTANT The prices listed are for one person ONLY WHEN two people are staying in the room. A different price applies if the room is reserved for one person.

Not too shabby, are they? And each one of them is under the low price of 3,500 yen per person per night (when two people stay). So, whenever you come to Tokyo you certainly don’t have to be on business to stay at a business hotel. They’ll give you all the comfort you need for a nice vacation too!

Picture: Airplane as seen from a room in the Marroad International Hotel
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