Buffalo Kokuyo Supply Inc. has announced they will release a new USB hub sometime in the end of February.  What sets this USB hub apart is that you will be able to connect your USB cord facing either way (upwards or downwards).

This comes as welcome news to everyone who has had to squint into their USB jack to see what side that little piece of plastic is on, and then still somehow manage to put it in the wrong way.

This is being touted as the world’s first USB connection of its kind.  As a result a sharp decline in obscenities uttered at desktop and laptop computers is expected in the months to follow.

The device works like other USB 2.0 hubs that deliver power as well as data and is compatible with Window XP, Vista, or 7 in addition to Mac OSX 10.2 and up.  It has a compact design and will be available in blue, black, white, and pink, all for the reasonable price of 1,806yen (US$23).

Mark this day, as other companies are going to undoubtedly adopt this design. Years from now we’ll be complaining to our children that they have it too easy saying, “Back in my day we used to have to check which side of our USB jacks were facing up before putting them in!”

Company Website: Buffalo (Japanese)
Original Story: PC Watch (Japanese)