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…monitor not included.

Any of you desktop users out their thinking, “Gee, I wish this whole PC set-up didn’t take up so much space!”? If only someone would invent a more compact version of the desktop PC. An all-in-one package, if you will, that won’t hog so much of your desk space…

▼ Take up ALL the space!

desktop-computer-4-640x0Image: Digital Trends

Well, friends, you’re in luck; the answer to your problems does exist, and it’s called… the keyboard PC. Created by Tekwind Corporation, the keyboard PC is a full-sized 86-key Japanese keyboard with a built-in PC that boasts two gigabytes of memory, 32 gigs of storage, runs Windows 10, and has all the interface functions of a regular desktop such as two USB ports, HDMI output, microSD card slot, Ethernet port, Bluetooth, and more, plus a touch pad in-between the space bar and cursor keys, all in one portable 287 by 125 by 26.5 millimeter (11.3 by 5 by 1.4 inch) package, weighing just 288 grams (10.15 ounces).

▼ “So… basically a laptop without a screen?” “Silence!”


Image: PC Watch

Just connect to a power source and a monitor of your liking, and you’re ready to go!

▼ It’s like having a Commodore 64 all over again.


Images: PC Watch

It’s set to go on sale this coming January, and is expected to be in the 20,000-yen (approximately US$200) price range, so you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the new monitorless lapto—uh… keyboard PC!

Source: PC Watch