Ladies, are you looking for something to liven up your wardrobe but not go overboard? Are you tired of the man in your life not paying attention to your new shoes that you spent hours choosing?

If so, then visit for your next pair.  Here you can find sparkly and eye-catching designs that are too far over the edge of good-taste.  I guarantee your husband or boyfriend will compliment you on your 1-UP designed shoes faster than you could imagine.

In addition to 1-UP mushrooms and Pikachu, you can impress guys with the Rebel Alliance insignia from Star Wars or possibly even the Princess Luna design if your guy happens to be a brony.  Of course, you could keep things purely girly with a Sailor Moon inspired pattern.  They even take requests if you have another cartoon, video game, or pop culture reference in mind!

The price of these shoes, like their style, walks the fine line separating sophistication and insouciance at US$60 to $85.  It’s certainly worth checking them out for the attraction factor alone. Plus I have on good authority from fashion circles that cartoon characters are going to be this spring’s honeysuckle.

Shoes’ Website: Esty (English)
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Here’s Aisha Voya Dolls’ line-up of shoes beginning with Pokemon’s Pikachu shoes

the 1-UP Mushroom shoes from Super Mario Bros

shoes with Sailor Moon’s cat Artemis

Star Wars’ Rebel Alliance shoes

Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony shoes

and Princess Luna shoes also from MLP

and finally some tentacle shoes… no idea why.

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