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Beloved by fans as it may be, the 1998 space cowboy anime Trigun isn’t completely beyond criticism. The pacing is uneven, and the production budget clearly isn’t large enough for the animators to effectively realize their artistic ambitions.

But Trigun hits its target dead center in creating two instantly memorable male leads: disarmingly happy-go-lucky gunslinger Vash the Stampede, and itinerant, heavily armed clergyman Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Both characters ooze coolness and presence from their heads to their toes, and now you can have some of that style for your own feet with two pairs of Trigun sneakers.

For this endeavor, anime fashion label Super Groupies is partnering with shoemaker Ubiq, just like it did in creating its Cardcaptor Sakura and Mega Man shoes.

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Let’s start with the Vash model, which are made from canvas of the same bold vermillion shade as the Humanoid Typhoon’s trademark longcoat.

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Another characteristic bit of Vash fashion show up on the tongue, which features a picture of the hero’s spectacles plus his personal philosophy/mantra, “Love and peace.” And just in case you’ve forgotten that Vash has a price on his head, the shoelaces are emblazoned with his bounty of 60 billion double dollars.

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An ankle-encircling strap is evocative of the belt on Vash’s coat. It’s actually removable, although the high-tops look a little lonely without it.

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Meanwhile, if you’re part of Wolfwood’s flock, your new kicks are right here.

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Shoe-based spoiler alert! The tongues reveal that Wolfwood is actually a member of the notorious Gung-Ho Guns assassination ring, although the shoes have the organization spelled “Gung Ho-Guns.”

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One of the differently patterned sides bear a cross, both a reference to Wolfwood’s status as a man of the cloth and the cross-shaped Punisher cannon. The other is decorated with a line art recreation of the weapon’s trigger.

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The shoes can be ordered directly from Super Groupies (Vash model here, Wolfwood here), with delivery scheduled for April. Both pairs are identically priced at 9,800 yen, roughly equivalent to US$82 (double dollar pricing is yet to be announced).

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