With clever design details and only 50 available, these kicks are a hot commodity.

Over the years, we’ve been able to dress our feet up in everything from Hello Kitty to Godzilla in Japan, but now there’s a pair of sneakers designed to appeal to yakiniku lovers.

Aptly called “Yakiniku Sneakers“, the new footwear has been created by Japanese brand Sangacio to commemorate Good Meat Day. This day falls on the 29th of every month, as the Japanese word for meat, “niku”, can be created with the numbers two (“ni“) and nine (“ku“) in Japanese.

The Yakiniku Sneakers will be released on November 29 in very limited numbers, as only 50 of them have been made. Made from cowhide, the kicks are adorned with “niku”, written in hiragana (“にく”), on the side of the shoe.

On the back, the left shoe has 毎日 (“daily”) embroidered in gold, while the right shoe displays the characters 焼肉, which read “yakiniku”. The simple white design allows the gold letters and embellishments to shine through, like sizzling meat glistening under the lights at a yakiniku joint.

The sneakers are designed for comfort, allowing you to run out for yakiniku with extra speed and turn the heads of every diner in the place while you’re there. Sangacio says they wanted the sneakers to be unique and playful, and something that yakiniku lovers would want to wear.

They’ve certainly achieved that, and with such a small number of shoes being sold, you can be certain that other yakiniku lovers who spy them on your feet will  be drooling in envy.

The sneakers will be available exclusively from the Sangacio online store from 29 November-9 December, or until stocks last. Priced at 22,2929 yen (US$2,144), a number that contains a lot of twos and nines for “niku”, these shoes don’t come cheap, but they do make a nice addition to these other hiragana kicks in our wardrobe from 2016.

Source, images: PR Times
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