We’ve all come to expect the best of everything from the folks at Tokyo Disney Resort who operate Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Now, they’ve come up with a delightful TV commercial that is gaining very high praise from not just viewers in Japan but from overseas as well.

Here’s what the Tokyo Disney Resort official website says about the TV commercial that is attracting so much attention.

“The commercial shows the various scenes that can be seen at Tokyo Disney Resort as a story spanning over many years throughout the life of one woman. It’s an animated commercial that showcases the charm and allure of Tokyo Disney Resort and sends the message that people of all ages can be happy here with attractions ranging from fun-filled parades to thrill-packed rides. We want each and everyone of our guests, from young children to the elderly, to have a thoroughly magical time, and the commercial is an expression of our wish to make that happen.” (quote from Tokyo Disney Resort website)

Just reading that comment makes you feel warm inside, doesn’t it? And here’s what viewers of the commercial in Japan and overseas are saying on the internet:

[Comments from Japanese Viewers]
“That’s Disney. They never fail to move and inspire you.”
“Darn, this is making me all teary-eyed.”
“This is so moving, it’s giving me goosebumps.”
A lifetime of drama in 30 seconds. I’m moved and impressed.”

[Comments from Overseas Viewers]
“This is unbelievably cute! I only wish my life was like this.”
“Just seeing this gave me goosebumps.”
“Watching this made me feel incredibly happy!”
Love, love, love this commercial! Watching this makes me want to fly out to Tokyo just to go to Tokyo Disneyland.”
“It’s a beautiful commercial!”
“Darn, this commercial is too cute to be real!”
“OMG, I’m actually going to Tokyo Disney Resort next week, but after seeing this, I can’t wait until next week! This commercial really is adorable!”
“People of Japan, kindly stop taking something that’s already perfect and making it even more perfect!”

So, it seems this commercial adds more magic to an already perfectly magical place. Who would have thought that a mere TV commercial would create so much happiness and emotional warmth around the world? But then, I guess you wouldn’t expect anything less from Disney!

Source: Tokyo Disney Resort Website (Japanese)


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