We have good news for all of you cream puff lovers out there. Three major confectionery makers have joined efforts to open “Tokyo Confectionery Land” in the “Tokyo Station First Avenue” shopping area on the Tokyo Station premies, and one of the confectionery companies involved, Fujiya Co., Ltd, is selling a seriously delicious confectionery – the “drinkable” cream puff! For anyone who loves cream puffs, or sweets in general for that matter, we think this is a must try!

Actually, this creme puff was sold previously in 2011 exclusively at the Fujiya shop in Ginza, and the official name of the product is “Peko-chan’s Hat (Milky Cream)”. (By the way, Peko-chan is Fujiya’s well-known mascot character and is a cute little girl, who is often displayed as a large doll in front of Fujiya shops around Japan.) True to its name, the cream puff is mounted high like a hat, and inside the puff is very smooth, melty cream. We knew we had to find out how this cream puff tastes, so one of our reporters went to Tokyo Confectionery Land to try it.

Our reporter went to buy the cream puffs on April 15th, the day after Tokyo Confectionery Land opened, and as it was a Sunday, it was particularly busy with families and couples on dates. There were long lines of people waiting to buy products at each of the shops.

Fortunately, the shop staff were very efficient and it only took about 10 minutes for our reporter to purchase the cream puffs. Naturally, our reporter rushed home to try the cream puffs. After the wait, our anticipation was running high. We opened the box and at first glance, the cream puffs looked, well, like cream puffs. Are these really “drinkable”?

The cream puffs came with a straw, so we stuck the straw into one of the cream puffs with gusto and took a long slurp, and wow, the sweet smooth cream traveled slowly up the straw. The rich cream was seriously tasty!

Our reporter was impressed with how the cream really was like a drink while at the same time retaining its quality as a cream puff filling. It wasn’t possible, however, to drink all of the cream with the straw, so we ended up eating it like a regular cream puff in the end. In any case, we thought this was a totally new and sweet eating experience, and the taste is sure to bring a mile to your lips! If you love sweets, you will definitely want to try these unique cream puffs. Fujiya is selling their products at Tokyo Confectionery Land until September this year.


Original article and photos by Charmy

The cream puffs come in a cute box with Peko-chan illustrations and a box of 4 cream puffs costs 780 yen (about $9.75).

At first glance, they look like regular cream puffs.

One cream puff fits right into your hand.

We stick in the straw!

There’s sweet, smooth cream inside.

We ate it like a regular cream puff in the end.

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