cream puffs

Chibi Totoro Valentine’s chocolate cream puffs appear, are sweet both inside and out

Tokyo’s Ghibli-themed bakery whips up some special treats for a day of chocolate love.

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Totoro Christmas cakes bring a dash of Ghibli magic to the Japanese festive season

Cute range makes all our anime wishes come true this winter. 

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Totoro’s Catbus ready to deliver sweet Valentine’s Day memories with Japan’s Catbus choco cookies

Special Valentine’s Day Totoro cakes also on offer from Tokyo bakery.

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Japanese food court cream puff chain has 1-hour lineups for lucky bags

Everyone wants a piece of Beard Papa this New Year’s.

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Tokyo’s Totoro Christmas cakes are now at the top of our Christmas wishlist【Photos】

Please, Santa, we’ve been really good all year, so bring us some adorable Ghibli-themed sweets!

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Customers go crazy for Starbucks Choux Cups in Japan

New cream puffs become a sell-out hit!

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Peer into Beard Papa’s lucky bag of cream

The Beard Papa tote bag is just the tip of this creamberg.

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Oreo crepes and cream puffs coming to Japan as sandwich cookies get their own dessert line

Four new sweets arrive in stores next week.

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“Drinkable cream puffs” arriving in Japan, courtesy of new beverage from Beard Papa

Just when you thought Japanese vending machines couldn’t get any more awesome, here comes an awesome-sounding dessert drink.

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12 totally addictive and appetizing convenience store sweets

All you have to do is head down the street to get these delectable treats!

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Almond cream sticks, our newest snack obsession and neighbor in Tokyo

Recently we took a trip up to Hokkaido, where we enjoyed three of our favorite things: eating delicious seafood, relaxing in a hot spring, and not spending much money on our hotel. Still, we do have one regret, which is that we didn’t get to try the stick-shaped cream puffs called croquant chou, which have taken Japan’s northern island by storm.

Hokkaido is a long way to go just for a dessert, no matter how tempting it may be, though. Thankfully, we don’t have to head all the way back, because a new croquant chou shop just opened up a few blocks away from our office in Tokyo’s Shinjuku.

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Hiroshima’s crème marche is half cream puff, half custard cone, and all delicious

Even under normal circumstances, we’ve got nothing against desserts, whether they be in parfait or donut form. So when we got off the train at Hiroshima Station, stepped through the ticket gates, and saw a newly opened pastry shop, we knew a detour was in order before we headed to our hotel.

Of course, we’d just spent two days biking the 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) across the Inland Sea on the Shimanami Kaido cycling course, and no dinky dessert was going to satisfy the appetite we’d built up. Thankfully, the shop had something special in its display case: cream puff custard cones.

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Hop on over to Ginza for adorable bunny rabbit parfaits and cream puffs

Ginza’s history as one of Tokyo’s playgrounds for the well-to-do stretches back further than relative upstarts like Harajuku or Roppongi. While this means you can almost always find an elegant café to stop into for a refined mid-day snack, some of these establishments can be a little intimidating with their blue-blood atmosphere.

There is at least one place in Ginza, though, where you can indulge your sweet tooth without feeling any social tension, as nothing is so far removed from stuffiness as a bunny rabbit parfait.

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A Sweets Lover’s Paradise – Tokyo Confectionery Land opens in Tokyo Station and their “drinkable” cream puffs are a must try!

We have good news for all of you cream puff lovers out there. Three major confectionery makers have joined efforts to open “Tokyo Confectionery Land” in the “Tokyo Station First Avenue” shopping area on the Tokyo Station premies, and one of the confectionery companies involved, Fujiya Co., Ltd, is selling a seriously delicious confectionery – the “drinkable” cream puff! For anyone who loves cream puffs, or sweets in general for that matter, we think this is a must try! Read More