Japan’s most punk rock candy store can be found in Tokyo

Owner is easily the coolest clown around.

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Tasting McDonald’s Japan’s new Milky “Taste of Mummy” collection

How do the soft serves and McShakes stack up to the real Milky ice cream and milkshakes?

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McDonald’s Japan’s new “Taste of Mommy” McShake brings a marvelously milky milkshake to the menu

Now you can enjoy the taste of Milky candy in a milk-tacular milkshake.

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The secret of Starbucks Japan’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie: It’s not made by Starbucks!

Starbucks has a delicious cookie we just found out about, but the credit actually goes to one of Japan’s favorite domestic confectioners.

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Fujiya’s new Mille-Feuille Burger spreads Japanese sweet tastes on crunchy, creamy cake buns

The monarch of milky munchies has managed to mix mille-feuille with all manner of classic Japanese treats!

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Japan now has potato chip-covered chocolate, and it’s amazing!【Taste test】

Nope, that’s not backwards. The chips really are on the outside in this awesomely clever idea.

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Eat these new desserts and celebrate the weirdest Easter ever with the lazy egg Gudetama

Gudetama looks to replace the Easter Bunny by doing basically…nothing.

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Japan’s Sparkling Macarons come packed with candies that burst in your mouth, not in your hand

Japan is always up for making snack time more elegant, and one of the country’s favorite indulgences are the dainty disc-shaped confectionaries called macarons.

Being sophisticated doesn’t mean being dour, though. Dessert fans in Japan have no qualms about mixing a little entertainment in with their snacking, which they’ll be able to do in a whole new way now that these carbonated candy macarons have popped onto the sweets scene.

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Drink up! This year’s drinkable cream puffs are 20 percent bigger

For real, the best part of a cream puff is the cream, right? I mean, that thin bread-like exterior only serves to keep us one step farther away from the delicious juicy insides. But with the invention of the drinkable cream puff, inserting a straw into the specially designed pastry gives you direct access to the slightly soupier prize inside.

Drinkable cream puffs aren’t new, but this year’s are twenty percent bigger and come in two new flavors!

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A Sweets Lover’s Paradise – Tokyo Confectionery Land opens in Tokyo Station and their “drinkable” cream puffs are a must try!

We have good news for all of you cream puff lovers out there. Three major confectionery makers have joined efforts to open “Tokyo Confectionery Land” in the “Tokyo Station First Avenue” shopping area on the Tokyo Station premies, and one of the confectionery companies involved, Fujiya Co., Ltd, is selling a seriously delicious confectionery – the “drinkable” cream puff! For anyone who loves cream puffs, or sweets in general for that matter, we think this is a must try! Read More