The monarch of milky munchies has managed to mix mille-feuille with all manner of classic Japanese treats!

Ah, the mille-fueille. A beautiful French pastry, with a name that literally means “thousand-leaf” – referring to its bountiful flaky layers of pastry, alternated with decadent pastry cream. Japan is a dedicated fan of the mille-fueille, so much so that the style has branched out into pizza crusts and even tonkatsu.

Confectionary company Fujiya has innovated another use for the mille-fueille, and on March 4 they released it into the world as part of their restaurant menu: the Mille-Fueille Burger.

▼ It’s sweet, don’t worry.

Fujiya has a reputation for sweets, especially those of the milky, creamy kind. One of their most famous products is even called Milky and comes with its own adorable mascot. She’s called Peko, and she greeted our Japanese-language reporter K. Nagahashi when he went to taste test these new burgers for himself.

▼ Looking stylish!

The Mille-Fueille Burger comes in three different flavors: Kumamoto Chestnut, Tokachi Red Bean and Amaou Strawberry. Nervous that one or more might sell out, Nagahashi called ahead to reserve one of each.

▼ Each one can be purchased for 300 yen (US$2.68).

With one of each of these confectionery concoctions before him, Nagahashi observed: “Looks kinda like a cream puff fused with a hamburger.”

Now, let’s engage our makeshift VR so that you can imagine you’re Nagahashi taking a bite.

▼ Mmm, delicious!

The burger is light to hold, though the pastry crust is hard enough to keep everything stable. After one bite, Nagahashi declared the burger “deeeeeeeeeeeelicious” and added “this is a dangerous sweet to have around. I could eat them one after the other, no problem.”

The cream was sweet, though not enough to be cloying, and it paired nicely with the flavor of each of the three ingredients. When combined with the irresistible crunch of the mille-fueille “burger buns” it was a taste sensation for the ages!

▼ The Kumamoto Chestnut Mille-Fueille Burger

Between the three flavors, he was truly in fusion-food heaven. The chestnut cream had an aroma just bursting with autumnal deliciousness, while the soothing taste of Tokachi red bean paste had a more mellow note.

▼ The Tokachi Red Bean Mille-Fueille Burger

Last, but certainly not least, was the Amaou Strawberry Mille-Fueille Burger. Amaou Strawberries are named for their sweetness (a), their roundness (ma) and large size (ou), and they were showcased beautifully here, set against a backdrop of sweet (but not too sweet!) whipped cream.

▼ The Amaou Strawberry Mille-Fueille Burger

▼ The masters of Milky have done it again! Perfectly smooth cream!

Nagahashi then promptly entered a sweet daze of munches and milky cream, of flaky crust and fabulous flavors, and when he emerged from it all three of the burgers were gone…save for a smattering of crumbs around his mouth. We’ll take that as a seal of approval.

Don’t forget Fujiya has all manner of yummy treats besides limited French-inspired buns like these. Most notably, they’re the creators of the tasty Country Ma’am brand of cookies (and its drinkable form), and the inexpensive Look chocolate bar. Bon appetit!

Images © SoraNews24