What do you get for that dog in your life that has everything?  Dog Diner has the answer with custom made cakes featuring your prized pooch’s puss.  And beyond just a special treat these cakes will help keep your pet healthy.

Made from “100% all natural” ingredients, like chicken, corn, and tofu they make a healthier alternative to conventional doggie treats.  There is also no flour used for those dogs that are allergic.  All of this is around 395kcal.

And your dog is sure to flip when they see their own face sculpted in meat and veggies sitting atop along with a personalized message for their birthday, Chirstmas, Bar Mitzvah, or whatever special occasion.  No doubt they will take a minute to appreciate it all before daintily eating it with a cup of tea.

The cakes are a hit on Dog Diner’s Rakuten site where you can pick one up for 2,730 yen (US$34).  Just be ready with a photo of your canine so they can recreate in in food form.

Source:  Rakuten(Japanese) via news.mynavi.jp(Japanese)