Everyone likes to sing, at least a little bit.  What most of us don’t realize though is that about 0.01% of the population can actually do it well.  The rest of us end up bugging the hell out of anyone within earshot.

So for all the neighbors and roommates of people who live life like a cast member of Glee we present Noiseless KaraOK!

The design of Noiseless KaraOK! is elegant in its simplicity.  It’s a muzzle that you can connect to your iPhone or iPad that lets you sing your heart out without anyone around hearing a peep.

Inside the muzzle (which they politely refer to as a “mute cup”) are a microphone and some noise dampening polyurethane.  The muzzle also fits firmly around your entire mouth to eliminate any Bieber leakage – a common problem in many homes this spring.

As the sound reaches the microphone, it is recycled through the iPhone into the earphones along with the musical track if you use a karaoke app like SegaKara. All together the device can create a closed circuit of crappy caterwauling leaving others in peace and tranquility.  It’s 3980 yen (US$50) well spent.

The problem with this device, however, is that it will probably sell well but only to people who are very shy about their singing or just want to practice by themselves.  It’s nice that they are cautious but probably they don’t need it. To really earn this the Nobel Peace Prize it needs to be strapped to those people who just don’t get that they sound like a mating koala (google it).

Someone needs to release a self-awareness app in conjunction with the Noiseless KaraOK! so they can get it through their thick wall of sound that they suck.  Maybe something with Simon Cowell smugly telling them they’re “simply dreadful.”

Source:JTT Online(Japanese) via Yahoo R25 (Japanese)